Kristine Hansen – 22.09.1989


An Alta-based percussionist and composer

MA degree in Classical Percussion, The Faculty of Fine Arts, Tromsø

A composer since 2010

Works as a percussion teacher in Alta, Finnmark





Kristine is a versatile percussionist with a passion for contemporary music. She’s a solo- and chamber musician mainly working in the Cap of the North, and frequently works on various projects and collaborations with ensembles, choirs and orchestras. She’s performed with Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra, Stockholm Domkor, Chamber Choir Utopia & Reality, Ensemble Noor, Tromsø Domkirkes Musikkollegium and others.

She’s been composing since 2010, and her works has been performed by various ensembles and orchestras as a part of projects and festivals such as Nordlysfestivalen, Iliosfestivalen, KontAkfestivalen, Vårscenefest, Borealis Vinterfestival, Festspillene i Nord-Norge etc.

In August 2013, she embarked upon her solo-project, “Hvor er ur”, as a part of her Master’s degree. She has since composed several solo-pieces that she has performed herself, as well as commissions written especially for her project. These pieces have been performed at various occasions such as her solo-concerts, festivals and other events.

Her previous and ongoing projects have been supported by Art Council Norway, The Norwegian Composers’ Fund, The Composers’ Remuneration Fund, The Audio and Visual Fund, Sami Artist Council, TONO and others. She has also written pieces commissioned directly by ensembles and organisations such as Ensemble Noor and Norsk Hornklubb.

In 2015, Kristine was granted the “Ungkunst-scholarship” from the festival “Festspillene i Nord-Norge” with her production “Et fokus på Snefjord”. The production had its premiere the following year as a part of the festival. Furthermore, a CD with her own compositions from the project was released.

In 2017, Kristine was granted an Artistic Scholarship from Sami Artist Council, which allowed her to dedicate a year in the development of her project, Lyd-ID. This resulted in a meditative soloconcert named “Láhpoluoppal”. The production premiered the following year.

She’s also developed two new instruments that her current repertoire is focusing on. The Reinofon and the ReiLimba.

She’s a previous member of the percussion quartet “Slagkraft” and a current member of the percussion duo “Is_beat”. Both ensembles has developed evening-length productions and concerts aimed to target children, and toured in the northern counties Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. “Is_beat” had their own debut at “Nordlysfestivalen” in 2013 and has since then been on a DKS-tour in Finnmark. In September 2018, they appeared in the opening of Finnmark Slagverkfestival, and is currently working towards various event-jobs as well as a new Is_beat-concert.

Kristine is the artistic leader of Finnmark Slagverkfestival and is also the founder of FinnSam – Finnmark Samtidsensemble. Finnmark Slagverkfestival is an annual event and the festival happened for the first time in September 2018. FinnSam had its debut in November 2018 and is a project-based ensemble consisting of musicians from Troms and Finnmark counties.

Kristine has a passion for percussion and musical traditions in Northern Norway, and the coming years includes a solo-tour around the Cap of the North, several commissions, solo- and ensemble-concerts as well as new a CD.

Sami culture plays a vital role in Kristine’s musical career and is her main source for inspiration and fascination.




Short bio:

Kristine grew up in Halden and started playing the willow flute at the age of seven. When she was thirteen, she began playing the bass drum in a drum band as a part of the local school band, and changed her main instrument to drums after that.

As a teenager, her interest for music grew stronger, and she learned to play the guitar and the piano in addition to drums. She developed her musical skills by creating simple melodies and songs with her friends, as well as continuing to develop her percussion skills in the school band.

At the age of seventeen, Kristine went with her high school music-class to the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. This visit introduced her to to classical music, and sparked an instant passion for it, resulting in her decision to study classical music after high school. After a while, Kristine chose to prioritize classical percussion, and was during this process introduced to professor and teacher Kjell Samkopf.

In her last year at high school, Kristine received lessons from Samkopf and finally entered the world of classical percussion. Kristine traveled to Oslo once a week to receive lessons and attend concerts with some of Oslo’s finest percussionists, and as a result she quickly developed a passion for her instrument and its repertoire.

After finishing high school, Kristine enrolled at Toneheim Folk High School and continued preparing for auditions at music colleges. She decided to apply to The Faculty of Fine Arts in Tromsø and was accepted during her stay at Toneheim. She moved to Tromsø in August 2009.

Kristine’s family is from Northern Norway, and she has spent a significant part of her childhood in Lofoten. The culture and nature in Northern Norway plays a crucial role in her artistic life, and is a great source of inspiration for its further development.

Kristine has studied with and taken lessons from Kjell Samkopf, Einar Fjærvold, Guri Frenning, Torbjørn Ottersen, Jennifer Torrence, Rune Martinsen, Henrik Larsen and Sigrun Gomnæs.