Lyd-ID is an ongoing project created by Kristine Hansen.



(Photo: Kristine Hansen)


Lyd-ID is about sound-identifying various places in Northern Norway, connecting the material with traditional music from each specific place and create new music out of it. The project raises the questions; is it possible to identify a place only through sound? …and is there a connection with the specific places and the traditional music that can be discovered and highlighted in the new music?

By doing Lyd-ID in various places and comparing them afterwards, Kristine hopes to be able to answer these questions.

Each Lyd-ID-project will be presented as an individual production. For each production, Kristine is doing fieldwork lasting for 3 weeks, writing new music using her own material as well as performing it herself.



(Photo: Kristine Hansen)


Kristine went working close to Láhpoluoppal – a small village in Finnmark county i June/July 2017. It’s possible to read about her fieldwork in the link below. This production is the first edition of a Lyd-ID-project, and had its premiere in September 2018, as a part of Finnmark Slagverkfestival. 

In 2020 and 2021, Kristine will focus on traditional music in Northern Norway (Røst) and kven culture (Burfjord).

LydID is supported by Sami Artist Council, Art Council Norway, The Composers’ Remuneration Fund & TONO.