Fieldwork-diary – Láhpoluoppal (June/July 2017)

The first edition of Lyd-ID is happening close to a small village in Finnmark county called Láhpoluoppal. For 3 weeks, I’m living in a tent by myself while doing recordings of the nature surrounding the camp. I’ve travelled here by car, and I’m working weekdays, driving back to Alta during weekends to recharge the equipment and myself.

The photos are taken by me with my phone. Some pictures are screenshots from snapchat, so beware the quality!

The fieldwork-diary is published here, on facebook and on snapchat.


Day 1:

I went searching for a camp today. I drove for a few hours, saw a really nice rainbow, found a random dirt road and ended up with a super campsite.

19396721_1848553145161474_6316070413697269653_n 19225142_1848553175161471_9059437600530702614_n

After some walking I found a spot with a nice view (where I can fish). It’s perfect! My tent is in an area with a lot of trees and swamps as well, which means bugs and a lot of birds.

I’m excited for tomorrow!


Day 2

I woke up in a heated tent, which means that I enjoyed my breakfast with the sun in my face. I explored the campsite and did some recording as well. I’m very excited about the whole thing, and I’m extra enthusiastic about the birds! I think that I’ll be able to collect some interesting material, and that makes me happy.

19399580_1849686771714778_778388858936396782_n 19399240_1849686825048106_9188209356012384060_n

The recordings are the most important work that I’m doing during this fieldwork, but I’m also filming and taking pictures.

I went fishing this evening. I have no fish to brag about, but it was a great scenery. I’m now back at the camp. I’ve lit a fire because it’s getting colder, and I’m enjoying my outdoorsy lifestyle.




Day 3

Let me start this post by showing a picture of myself:

19420654_1850790731604382_4441573597501426278_n <— This is me after a night with snow

The weather did a change for the worse last night. My tent was covered in snow when I went to bed, and the night was super cold. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but due to a rainy day I was able to sleep a bit during daytime.

The rain makes it difficult for me to work. My equipment can’t take a lot of rain, so therefor I’ve been running in and out of the tent today. I recommend it as a workout-routine!

I’m now by the fire doing some evening-recordings of birds, the fire and myself. Oh, and it’s snowing again.

Did I mention that it’s the end of June?



Day 4

Today was a windy day! I had a lot of fun recording, even though the wind made it a bit challenging. I was able to work more specific today, focusing on trees, flowers, branches and so on … That was indeed very interesting!


It’s been cold today as well, so after doing the recordings I spent my time in the tent planning work for next week.


I’m defiantly happy with the results so far and I feel that I’m getting to know the place. I have to admit that I’m hoping for some warmer days, though.


Day 5

Alright, I’m back in Alta! I woke up this morning after another night with snow on the tent. So I ate breakfast, took the tent down and went back to my car.

19399809_1852537314763057_6222550264261139875_n <— me after a crazy long shower

I’m spending the weekend listening to the recordings and preparing for next week. I’m very pleased with my first week with Lyd-ID 🙂 Thank you all for following me so far!

#LydID #RoundOne





Day 1

Hello, I’m back at the campsite again! I had a super weekend which means that I’m warm and ready for another round of fieldwork.

19429904_1856227181060737_6252976948619815339_n <— The weather is still cold and rainy …

To be honest; I was hoping for a more welcoming return to the camp, but the weather is the same. It was raining a lot when I arrived, but during the afternoon I was able to put up the tent and make myself comfortable. Yet while doing it, I saw a moose! It wasn’t that close to my camp, but it kept looking towards me for quite a while. I’m generally not that outdoorsy, so I have to admit that I was a bit stressed. I started singing, and luckily it ran away. I guess that says a lot about my voice 🙂

I didn’t manage to take a picture… ..that sucks.


I’m in the tent now, hopefully sleeping soon. I hope for less rain tomorrow but I appreciate that it’s rain and not snow 😀


Day 2

So I woke up in the middle of the night to a lot of birds flying away from something. I stayed silent for a minute, trying to figure out what was going on, and suddenly I heard the sound of a black grouse! I didn’t get a picture (or a recording) of that either, which was super annoying. But yes, it was exciting and a little bit nervous-ish.

The day started with a visit from NRK Finnmark. They filmed and interviewed me, so my fieldwork will be told about on television in the future 🙂

I’m working a bit different this week, and that was a good choice I think. I find my recordings from yesterday and today the most interesting so far!

19437226_1857386867611435_3404659987127119104_n <— I almost saw the sun today 🙂

I’ve also done some photographing. It’s not really my thing, but it’s nice to do something else and learn new things.


It’s a little bit warmer today so I hope the weather stays like this 🙂


Day 3

Today has been a very nice day! I woke up to the sound of mosquitoes, and that equals warm weather and the possibility for sun. I never thought I’d say it, but the mosquitoes made me happy, and it’s even warmer than yesterday!

19511357_1858797507470371_7901591503592897049_n <— A happy and warm musician

I did a lot of recordings today and I’m very pleased today as well. It’s been a good day at the office!

Everything is working great except from the battery on my videocamera. Living in a tent means no electricity, and when you need to charge something that doesn’t fit a powerbank either, no electricity is defiantly a disadvantage. The videocamera is very important in the process, so I had to recharge it by driving to Kautokeino. This was a very nice decision for myself!

Even though my weekends are spent in Alta, I start to feel quite lonely. There’s not a person nearby, and it’s getting very silent, especially when I feel that the fieldwork is slightly coming to an end. So, a hamburger at “Pitstop” as well as the presence of people was amazing! 🙂


The midnight sun was shining when I returned.  That was an absolute joy!

19437714_1858797704137018_4442524267653506643_n <— The midnight sun giving the trees some life

I stayed up for a long time after arriving from Kautokeino, and the atmosphere at the campsite was very intriguing. The natural soundscape was silent, only coloured by birdsongs from a far distance. Because of this I decided to do the recording-session for tomorrow in the middle of the night instead. This was a great experience, and the most satisfying so far.


Day 4

I woke up late after working last night. The battery on my videocamera needed to be charged again, so therefor I decided to drive back to Alta one day earlier than the original plan. I have to fix the battery-problem for next week, because I can’t drive back and forth like that.

19420549_1860001407349981_9193372813375757419_n <— Ready to listen to the material!

Even though the battery is annoying me, I feel that round 2 of “Lyd-ID” has become more than I hoped for. Crowning the week with a session in the middle of the night turned out to be a great bonus for my sound-collection, and a special experience for me personally.

#LydID #RoundTwo





Day 1

I arrived to a sunny campsite today. It was warm, a crazy amount of mosquitoes and an amazing rainbow. That was defiantly a welcoming start to my third week of fieldwork! I did some photos of the rainbow and started working on my tent when it unfortunately began to rain.

2017-07-04-3  <— The rainbow

I find it to be mentally draining with the rain. The feeling of being alone is also bothering me a bit, so I need to work with my mentality for the coming week.

I did something positive for myself tonight. I made myself a bonfire 🙂


It eventually stopped raining while I chilled by the fire, so I decided to do a recording-session. I was feeling kind of tired, so I was pretty much staring at the view in front of me while letting my mind wander away. Suddenly, I saw something huge moving in the woods, and it was a moose again. The moose didn’t mind me at all and disappeared very quickly, but just as the first one went away a second one came. I tried to take some photos but it was too far away, and they both went in the opposite direction of my camp.

It’s intriguing to witness huge animals like that when camping alone. I also realize that I’m such a wimp, because I’m really not used to being alone like this!

I continued my recording-session and went to my tent afterwards.

I by the way spent some time with Altaposten last Friday. They wrote about my fieldwork and about Lyd-ID, and yesterday it was published in the newspaper (in Norwegian only).


#LydID #Round3 #FieldworkComingToAnEnd


Day 2

I woke up a bit late today. It was windy and raining quite a bit, so I took my time in the tent and waited for the rain to stop.

When I came out of the tent, I was met with a crazy amount of mosquitoes! Until today, mosquitoes has meant sun and hot weather, but apparently, mosquitoes don’t mind cold temperature and wind at all. So for the very first time during my three weeks here, I had to wear my fashionable mosquito-net 🙂


The recording-sessions are at this point mostly about supplementing and improving the results that I already have. There’s no obvious or sudden changes in the general soundscape ..with some exceptions of course. Don’t get me wrong; I have defiantly not discovered everything during my stay here, but I think that I’ve at least discovered the obvious and important sounds colouring the local soundscape around me.

It’s still very difficult to work with the rain, so I’m hoping badly for some nice weather before ending the fieldwork. That would be nice for the recordings and myself!

605245CE-8FF3-4B5F-9ED2-15BBDA7B7816 <— Hurrying around before the rain is returning

Tomorrow looks like another rainy day. I hope that’s wrong, but to be honest, it doesn’t look that good in the horizon.

#LydID #PercussionistsNeedSunAsWell #WhyDoesItAlwaysRainOnMe


Day 3

I woke up to a lot of rain this morning, just like I predicted yesterday. #BecomingAWeatherman

I did some recordings from the tent, and I tried to find ways to record in the rain without risking my equipment. I didn’t come up with any amazing ideas to be honest, so it’s still difficult to record in the rain.

I also went for a walk and discovered a bird. I managed to take an amazing picture of it!

19657150_1868160196534102_3021186395374306801_n  <— The bird

I think that we all have to conclude that I’m a horrible animal-photographer.

19657141_1868160193200769_5783979751758153499_n  <— Rainy

I eventually went back to my tent and listened to some of the recordings from this week. I’m pleased, and I’m excited to work with the material at home when the fieldwork is finished.

After a while I went to Kautokeino. I had to recharge the videocamera, and I also bought myself a very nice dinner at Thon Hotel. That was indeed a good activity in the rain! Later, I returned to the campsite and kept enjoying the rain from the inside of my tent (that’s still dry).

19884338_1868167399866715_6387189449957468383_n  <— A well deserved coffee

When I went to bed, it actually started snowing again. But tomorrow should be a sunny day, so I’m hoping for a productive (and enjoyable) day.

Oh, did I mention that it’s July now?

#LydID #TheSunHaveToShineTomorrow #MySkinFeelsGray


Day 4

It was still raining when I woke up today. That made me very frustrated actually, and a bit stressed. I really needed good conditions and a lot of recording-sessions today. But after complaining a bit, the sun started to shine! I became extremely happy and ran around with my equipment. ..sometimes, it’s good to be alone 🙂



In the evening, I lit a fire and enjoyed life. That was a very nice moment for me, because tomorrow I’m going home. It feels strange that my fieldwork is done. Even though my stay has been a cold one with a lot of rain, snow and wind, it’s also been very nice.

19748406_1869290889754366_8722941410644583884_n  <— The sun is shining on my tent, can you believe it!?

I’m pleased with the material, and I feel very lucky to be able to work like this. Camping alone for such a long time has also been very nice. The whole thing has been a wonderful journey!


I’m ending my trip with this very moment. By the bonfire while enjoying the midnight sun warming my tent. Tomorrow, I’m returning home, but that’s not worth an update.

Thanks to all of you that has followed me on my journey. I’m going to have my summer vacation when I get home, but in August, I’ll be back.

#LydID #Láhpoluoppal