(For solo percussion & tape) 2018

What did you discover?
(For solo trombone) 2018

(For small brassensemble and percussion) 2018

No kjæm de me’ hornan
(For eight french horns) 2017

Hva er din vidde?
(For piano-quartet and percussion) 2016

Et fokus på Snefjord
(For trumpet, euphonium and percussion) 2014/2015

  • Garggu-Káre
  • Piera Niilan Ánte
  • Johannes-Omut
  • Jovna-Siri
  • J.P, Snefjord

Hvor er ur
(Solostykke for percussion) 2015

(For sinfonietta) 2014/2015

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker – en refleksjon
(For euphonium, organ, 3 percussionists and choir) 2013

Gouvdageidnu varra niibigo, Karasjohka gourgu coarvi
(Solo for percussion) 201

Stuora njárga
(Percussion-trio) 2013

Lost in the valley (that’s funny)
(Duo for two alto saxophones) 2012

3,14 + Molchaniees
(Trombone-trio and percussion) 2011

Het raam en de zee
(Windband) 2010

(Sinfonietta) 2009