What did you discover?
(For solo trombone) 2018

(For small brassensemble and percussion) 2018

(For solo percussion & tape) 2018

No kjæm de me’ hornan
(For eight french horns) 2017

Hva er din vidde?
(For piano-quartet and percussion) 2016

Et fokus på Snefjord
(For trumpet, euphonium and percussion) 2014/2015

  • Garggu-Káre
  • Piera Niilan Ánte
  • Johannes-Omut
  • Jovna-Siri
  • J.P, Snefjord

Hvor er ur
(Solostykke for percussion) 2015

(For sinfonietta) 2014/2015

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker – en refleksjon
(For euphonium, organ, 3 percussionists and choir) 2013

Gouvdageidnu varra niibigo, Karasjohka gourgu coarvi
(Solo for percussion) 201

Stuora njárga
(Percussion-trio) 2013

Lost in the valley (that’s funny)
(Duo for two alto saxophones) 2012

3,14 + Molchaniees
(Trombone-trio and percussion) 2011

Het raam en de zee
(Windband) 2010

(Sinfonietta) 2009