January 9th; Hvor er ur – Solo Concert

February 7th; Nordlysfestivalen – Music for 18 musicians


February 14th; Soloist with Regionkorps Finnmark, Culture House (Alta)


March 6th; Soloist og composer with Ensemble Noor and Åge Kvalbein, Borealisfestivalen 2016


June 11th; Conductor and soloist with Tverrelvdalen Veterankorps og Regionkorps Finnmark, Vadsø

June 20th; Premiere, Et fokus på Snefjord, Festspillene i Harstad

June 20th; CD-release, Et fokus på Snefjord


September 2nd; Course in MakeMusic Finale, Town hall, Alta


October 15th & 16th; Paulus, Tromsø Culture House


November 10th; Classical November, Northern Lights Cathedral (Alta)


December 8th; Christmas Concert, Northern Lights Cathedral (Alta)

December 11th; Weihnachtsoratorium, J.S. Bach, Tromsø Cathedral



February 5th; Soloist at Alta Museum

March 10th: Klassisk Borealis with Ensemble Noor & Henning Sommerro

April 17th: Finnmark Percussion-party


June 11th: Musician with Tromsø Musikkollegium, Tromsø Domkirke


December – Lyd-ID (premiere)



March 8th: The opening of Borealisfestivalen

April: Finnmark Percussion Festival


September: Min (t)UR – Solo concert, Northern Lights Cathedral (Alta)

September: Min (t)UR – CD-release



January – September: Min (t)UR – A solo tour in the Cap of the North


Dates to come

Arnt Håkon Ånesen (Inner timing out) – premiere

Ruben Sverre Gjertsen (Alibi) – premiere

Trommejoiks – premiere and release

Jørgen Mortensen (Gumpe) – premiere

FinnSam debut

Arnt Håkon Ånesen (Solo piece for snaredrum and electronics) – Premiere