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Photo: Hurdal Musikk & instrument Service


The Reinofon was developed as a part of Kristine’s MA-project, “Hvor er ur”. She launched her idea to Hurdal Musikk & instrument Service who eventually built and finished the instrument in June 2015.


The Reinofon was performed on for the first time in January 2016. It was used in the piece “Jovna-Siri” as a part of Kristine’s production, “Et fokus på Snefjord”, and was performed on by Kristine herself, together with Ingrid Eliassen (trumpet) and Geir Davidsen (euphonium).


Since then, Kristine has received three commissions to the Reinofon, and the pieces will have their premiers in 2019/2020. One of the commissions, “Inner timing out” by Arnt Håkon Ånesen, is the very first solo-piece ever written for the Reinofon.


Snefjord (øvelse)2

Photo: Klara Feiring