Et fokus på Snefjord

Et fokus på Snefjord is a production created by Kristine Hansen.

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Drawn by Erlend Pagander Tysnes 


Kristine was awarded the Ungkunst-scholarship from Festspillene i Nord-Norge, and the production had its premiere June 20th 2016 in Harstad, along with a CD-release with the music from the production.



Photo: Kristine Hansen


Et fokus på Snefjord is inspired by a book called “Om kjæresten min vil jeg joike” written by professor Ola Graff. The book is about an extinct, coastal Sami joik tradition from Snefjord, and Graff has interviewed people, analysed the joik melodies that he came across during his research and documented his fieldwork in this book.

Ola Graff 2013

Ola Graff (Photo: private)


Hansen has chosen five joiks from Graffs book, which she has analysed and worked with. The result is five compositions that have been performed and recorded by “Trio Snefjord” – a project-based trio with musicians Ingrid Eliassen (trumpet), Geir Davidsen (euphonium) and Kristine Hansen (percussion).

Eliassen, Davidsen and Hansen started working together in February 2014, and premiered with “J.P, Snefjord” the same year. “J.P, Snefjord” is based on the very last joik connected to the coastal Sami tradition from Snefjord, and inspired Hansen to create “Et fokus på Snefjord”.

2 (bilde)

The premiere of “J.P, Snefjord”, June 2014 (Photo: private) 


Trio Snefjord, May 2016 (Photo: Klara Feiring)


“J.P, Snefjord” is included in the production, and is the fifth and final piece, summarising the musical storyline throughout the production.


Et fokus på Snefjord is a production mixed with Hansen’s music, Ola Graff’s fascinating stories from his fieldwork, as well as Johan Máhtte Skum’s original joiking.



Johan Máhtte Skum (Photo: private)


You’re also able to witness one of the pieces performed on Hansen’s Reinofon – an instrument that she has developed herself together with Hurdal Musikk & Instrumentservice. It consists of twenty tuned reindeer bells.


Picture of the Reinofon (Photo: Klara Feiring)