Hvor er ur

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“Hvor er ur” is Kristine’s previous project as a part of her MA.

Kristine shares an interest in ethnic cultures, and is particularly interested in music based upon or inspired by that. In an effort in combining this interest with her musical career, Kristine has been working with repertoire for percussion dealing with ethnic cultures in various ways, challenging her with new instruments and playing-techniques

Her main goal however has been to combine her experiences with ethnic cultures from other parts of the world with local cultures in Northern Norway. Kristine has actively searched for a culture where she can find both documentation of their music as well as instruments connected to the same culture. Because of this, “Hvor er ur” ended up having a main focus on Sami culture.


The idea of “Hvor er ur” is inspired by one of Kristine’s favourite pieces for percussion; I Ching by Per Nørgård.


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Kristine has worked with her project through the eyes of a classical percussionist, which means that her project has been adapted so it’s been useful for her development as a percussionist. However, the project has coloured her repertoire and given her MA an unique palette of repertoire and instruments.

Kristine has worked with and performed relevant standard-repertoire for percussion, as well as commissions and own compositions as a way to integrate her local inspiration-source; Sami culture. She’s also worked with instruments and tools connected to the Sami culture, and included them in her set-ups. Her goal has been to give the Sami instruments a main focus in the music, as well as adapting them for her own use as a percussionist. One of the most important results of “Hvor er ur” has been the development of two, new instruments; Reinofon and ReiLimba.



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Kristine is in general fascinated and inspired by indigenous cultures and has a particular interest in indigenous sounds. She’s in a constant search for what indigenous sounds might be, and she’s trying to perform and create music that has an essence of this in a total soundscape and performance.


The project’s ultimate goal is to mix an old heritage into the present and try to conclude an innovative and unique result – colored by indigenous sounds.



Masterkonsert final plakat

Poster: Lars Petter Hermansen


Kristine finished her MA in January 2016. “Hvor er ur” still plays a vital role in her artistic career and continues to define a huge part of who she is as an artist.