Happy news!


Art Council Norway has granted me funds to a commission and a new project called Lyd-ID (sound-ID). Lyd-ID is going to be a pilot-project to what I hope will become a much bigger project in the future. More information about that will come later 🙂

The commission will, again, be written by Arnt Håkon Ånesen, and I’m super excited to tell you that it’s going to be the very first solo-piece ever written for my lovely reinofon!

This means that 2017 will be an exciting year 🙂


meg + ReiLimba  <— I’ve also developed another instrument, a ReiLimba!

Photo: Private

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Busy times

Time for an update!

I’ve been busy being a musician lately, which is very good! I’ve been a soloist with Regionskorps Finnmark, attended “Percussion Plus” in Estonia, worked in Harstad with Et fokus på Snefjord and ended this little tour with a premiere and a concert with Ensemble Noor (Scene Finnmark’s professional chamber group) and Åge Kvalbein in the Northern Lights Cathedral.

I’m very happy and thrilled to be a part of so many great projects!

IMG_3557    IMG_3555

Photo: Bernhard Hienerwadel

Ensemble Noor ordered a commission from me in December, and the result is “Hva er din vidde?”. The premiere was March 6th. I also contributed with the third movement from I Ching!

Altaposten wrote: “…Kristine H. Nordgaren astonished and created an exciting atmosphere with her piece “Hva er din vidde?” yesterday. …Ur is the word…” (translated by me)

Nowadays, Et fokus på Snefjord is the main thing going on. I went to Snefjord a few weeks ago to take some photos etc. and the festival interviewed me about this trip: http://arcticarts.no/877-2/#more-877 (in Norwegian only)


Photo: private

You can actually buy tickets to Et fokus på Snefjord now: http://festspillnn.no/nb/program/2016/et-fokus-på-snefjord – a few tickets are sold already!

The premiere will be June 20th, and you can choose between three concerts.

There’s been some attention from the media about Et fokus på Snefjord lately, and I’ve published some of it here: http://site.kristinehansen.no/media/artikler/

I’ve also created a facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/Snefjord/?fref=ts

Alright, that’s enough advertisement for today 🙂


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Music for 18 musicians

I’m back in Tromsø performing “Music for 18 musicians” by Steve Reich.


The piece is the very last thing that’s happening as a part of “Nordlysfestivalen”, and I highly recommend it – the music is super inspiring and creates such an unique atmosphere!



A master’s degree in my pocket

I finished my master’s degree!

Six years of education is completed, and if feels super strange to say it. Loads of emotions and thoughts are going through my head, but overall I’m grateful, happy, proud and tired 🙂

I really want to thank my amazing teacher and tutor Sigrun Gomnæs – my master’s degree wouldn’t be the same without you. My passion for percussion has become stronger during this process, and I owe it all to you.

I want to thank the Music Conservatory in Tromsø as well, it’s been an amazing journey, and I highly recommend it to every potential student out there!

The next couple of months will be dedicated to a small holiday, Et fokus på Snefjord and a serious re-organisation of my life as an educated(!) musician!

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Masterkonsert final plakat

Trio Snefjord


Guess what; the music from “Et fokus på Snefjord” will be available on CD and online! The release date will be the same day as the premiere of the production itself, which is in June 2016.

It was a busy session, but I managed to take a few amateur-shots in between the pieces 🙂

IMG_3181 IMG_3177 IMG_3186 IMG_3180 IMG_3178

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Et fokus på Snefjord

Snefjord (øvelse) Snefjord (øvelse)2 Snefjord (øvelse)3 Snefjord (øvelse)4

Busy times these days, and many exciting things happening. During this year, I’ve been composing four new pieces to the production “Et fokus på Snefjord”, and we recently had our first rehearsal! It was great to finally hear the results (so far…), and I’m feeling very enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Thanks to Klara Feiring who took the time to take some photos during one of the rehearsals 🙂

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Hvor er ur


…my master project has received its official name: Hvor er ur (where’s the indigenous). That was about time, and not a minute too soon!

I’m off to Tromsø tomorrow – I’m going to do a presentation of my project, summarise the whole thing and perform “Hvor er ur” (the piece).


Hvor er ur - plakat


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Alright, it’s time for an announcement: I’ve moved from Tromsø!

In June, I was offered a position as a percussion teacher in Alta – an opportunity I defiantly couldn’t resist. Check out the view from my home in Alta:

…yes, it’s the midnight sun 🙂



Tromsø has been an adventure since I moved there in 2009, and I’m super grateful for everything that I’ve encountered. I’m going to miss the Conservatory, my friends, my previous jobs and so on, but I haven’t completed my studies yet, so luckily I’ll be visiting quite a bit 🙂

However, I’m ready for a new life in a new city, and the future looks good, both as a freelancer and now as a teacher as well! #supercombination

Thanks to family and friends who’s made the last months crazy amazing.

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It’s time to share an exciting secret: I’ve developed a new instrument!

Check out the reinofon-link for more information 🙂

IMG_2539 kopi

Just to be clear, I most defiantly didn’t build this myself. Luckily, I’ve gotten to know two amazing guys living in Hurdal. They are instrument makers, and they put life into my idea. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

Thank you, Jan & Erik Olsen!

The reinofon will have it’s debut at “Et fokus på Snefjord” and will be my next project after completing my master’s and the premiere of “Et fokus på Snefjord” in June 2016.

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