Oh, it’s June already, and I’m far behind on my homepage. I defiantly have to step up my game! A lot has happened since the last post, so I’ll mention the highlights;

In February I was granted an Artistic Scholarship from Sami Artist Council. This scholarship is directed towards my solo-project called “Lyd-ID”. This is a huge and complex project that I hope to be working with for many years, and the scholarship allows me to develop the project and do a first edition of it! Check out “Lyd-ID” on my homepage 🙂

I’ve also received another commission, this time for solo snaredrum and electronics. This commission is a little bit different than the previous ones. This one is directed towards children and teenagers as a part of a presentation about classical percussion. The commission is going to be written by Arnt Håkon Ånesen (again)!

Other than that, I’ve been doing some smaller concerts. I played with Henning Sommerro and Ensemble Noor in March, and in June I was performing in Tromsø Domkirke with super colleagues. Great fun!

I’m writing this post in Kautokeino – I’m in the middle of some fieldwork for “Lyd-ID”. I’m tenting and recording sounds. In one week my vacation will start, and after that, I’ll be composing and diving into my Reinofon-pieces, as well as preparing for the premiere of Lyd-ID 🙂

I’ll keep you posted – I promise!

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