Hello again, and sorry for my lack of updates…!

A lot of things has happened since last time. I’ve first of all spent a lot of time building and developing my “artsy” environment by moving, getting an office and fixing my rooms where I practice. It has taken quite some time, especially since I’m working quite a bit as well, but I’m entering 2017 with a finished result!

I’ve also worked for the classical percussion-environment here in Alta, and I’ve done a few local happenings, like “The best percussionist of the year (in Alta)” – a competition for my students, as well as working towards a percussion-party in Alta (April 2017). I’m very happy to see (and hear) that good things are happening.

I’ve been travelling a bit as well, mostly in Finnmark and Troms. I’ve been teaching and playing a lot, mostly with orchestras, and I had an absolutely amazing experience performing “Paulus” by Mendelssohn at Tromsø Kulturhus together with colleagues in Tromsø as well as Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra along with Tromsø- and Stockholm domkor. …just to mention one of the highlights from this autumn … 🙂

Even though I’ve been the worst updater here, I’ve done some small ones on my Facebook-page.

I’m also very grateful to tell you that I’ve received another commission, this time supported by The Danish Art Foundation. Jørgen Mortensen has written a piece for me, and it’s already finished…! It’s called “Gumpe” and is inspired by a wolf-joik. I’ve also received the finished results from some other commissions; Arn Håkon Ånesen’s Inner Timing Out (the very first solo ever written for my reinofon), and Alibi, by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen. I’m super-excited about these commissions, and I can promise you that 2017 is going to be an amazing percussion- and reinofon-year!

These pieces will be a part of my solo-tour in the Cap of the North, which will happened in 2018/2019. I’m also recording and releasing another CD, and that will happen during 2018. Both the CD and the tour is named “Min (t)UR”.

…and just to crown the whole thing; I’ve been working for a new ensemble called “FinnSam” – Finnmark Samtidsensemble, and we just got news that our debut will happen. I’ll create an own page for FinnSam, so keep clicking until the day you’ll find it!

I’m ending this post with pointing out that I feel very lucky and happy for the opportunities. The upcoming years are going to be such an inspiring and interesting journey 🙂



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