Hello again, and sorry for my lack of updates…!

A lot of things has happened since last time. I’ve first of all spent a lot of time building and developing ma “artsy” environment for myself. That hasn’t been easy at all, but I seem to enter 2017 with a finished result!

I’ve also worked for the classical percussion-environment here in Alta, and I’ve done a few local happenings, like “The best percussionist of the year (in Alta)” – a competition for my students, as well as working towards a percussion-party in Alta (April 2017). I’m very happy to see (and hear) that good things are happening.

I’ve been travelling a bit as well, mostly in Finnmark and Troms. I’ve been teaching and playing a lot, mostly with orchestras, and I had an absolutely amazing experience performing “Paulus” by Mendelssohn at Tromsø Kulturhus together with colleagues in Tromsø as well as Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra along with Tromsø- and Stockholm domkor. …just to mention one of the highlights from this autumn … 🙂

Even though I’ve been the worst updater here, I’ve done some small ones on my Facebook-page.

I’m also very happy to tell you that I’ve received another commission, this time supported by The Danish Art Foundation. Jørgen Mortensen has written a piece for me, and it’s already finished…! It’s called “Gumpe” and is inspired by a wolf-joik. I’ve also received the finished results from some other commissions; Arn Håkon Ånesen’s Inner Timing Out (the very first solo ever written for my reinofon), and Alibi, by Ruben Sverre Gjertsen. I’m very happy for my reinofon 🙂

…and just to crown the whole thing; I’ve been working for a new ensemble called “FinnSam” – Finnmark Samtidsensemble, and we just got news that our debut will happen. I’ll create an own page for FinnSam, so keep clicking until the day you’ll find it!

#AlotOfWork #SoManyGreatThingsHappening


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