Thank you!

The premiere of Et fokus på Snefjord went great, and I’m very pleased and grateful.

It was special to put everything together. The production would defiantly not have been the same without Ola Graff and his interesting and funny stories along with Johan Máhtte Skum’s performance of the original joiks.

Here’s a few pictures from the premiere:

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…as well as some pictures from #Itromsø beforehand:å-instrumenter-du-aldri-har-hørt-om-12911721.ece

img_3908 img_3907

A big thank you to Ingrid Eliassen and Geir Davidsen – this experience as well as the process towards the premiere has been inspiring and a lot of fun!


I also want to thank the audience in Harstad, as well as people travelling from wherever for this concert. 2 out of 3 concerts were filled with people!

I’m taking a few weeks off before returning to Alta and work again 🙂 Thank you all!

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