Busy times

Time for an update!

I’ve been busy being a musician lately, which is very good! I’ve been a soloist with Regionskorps Finnmark, attended “Percussion Plus” in Estonia, worked in Harstad with Et fokus på Snefjord and ended this little tour with a premiere and a concert with Ensemble Noor (Scene Finnmark’s professional chamber group) and Åge Kvalbein in the Northern Lights Cathedral.

I’m very happy and thrilled to be a part of so many great projects!

IMG_3557    IMG_3555

Photo: Bernhard Hienerwadel

Ensemble Noor ordered a commission from me in December, and the result is “Hva er din vidde?”. The premiere was March 6th. I also contributed with the third movement from I Ching!

Altaposten wrote: “…Kristine H. Nordgaren astonished and created an exciting atmosphere with her piece “Hva er din vidde?” yesterday. …Ur is the word…” (translated by me)

Nowadays, Et fokus på Snefjord is the main thing going on. I went to Snefjord a few weeks ago to take some photos etc. and the festival interviewed me about this trip: http://arcticarts.no/877-2/#more-877 (in Norwegian only)


Photo: private

You can actually buy tickets to Et fokus på Snefjord now: http://festspillnn.no/nb/program/2016/et-fokus-på-snefjord – a few tickets are sold already!

The premiere will be June 20th, and you can choose between three concerts.

There’s been some attention from the media about Et fokus på Snefjord lately, and I’ve published some of it here: http://site.kristinehansen.no/media/artikler/

I’ve also created a facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/Snefjord/?fref=ts

Alright, that’s enough advertisement for today 🙂


#EtFokusPåSnefjord #Itshappening



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